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Registration for Spring Little League OPENS NOV 7, 2023!


Spring Registration Opens 11/7/23
Manager Applications Due 1/9/24
Spring Registration Closes (AA, AAA & Majors) 1/25/24
Player Evaluations 1/27/24
Player Evaluations - Makeup TBA
Draft - Majors & AAA 1/30/24
Draft - AA 1/31/24
Spring Registration Closes (T-Ball Kidz, T-Ball, Single-A) 2/16/24
Field Day & BBQ 3/2/24
Swap Meet (During Field Day) 3/2/24
NSLL Opening Night (Ceremony, Parade, Food & Games) 3/8/24
Opening Day (First Games) 3/9/24


NSLL is open to ALL KIDS AGES 4-13. Our goal is to create competitive divisions made up of well balanced teams. Players will be placed in the division that best suits both their ability and age. It is required that ALL players League Age 8-12 that want to play in the AA Division (kid pitch) or higher, attend tryouts. If your child is League Age 7 and you feel they are ready to play at the more competitive AA Level (Kid Pitch), it is required that they also attend tryouts. For players League Age 7 and younger for which the more competitive AA Division (Kid Pitch) is not yet appropriate, your season will begin soon after player evaluations. Single-A, T-Ball, and T-Ball Kidz do not hold a tryout and start at the beginning of March.

A general Division by Age guide is below. This is simply a guide and it is important to note that a player's divisions is not selected or assigned during registration. Please visit our Divisions Details page for a more detailed description of each.

Common Divisions by age:
T-Ball Kidz: 4 years old
Tee Ball: 5-6 years old
A Minors (Coach Pitch): 7-8 years old
AA Minors: 7-10 years old
AAA Minors: 8-11 years old
Majors: 11-12 years old
50/70 - 13 years old

All ages are based on a player's League Age. If you are unsure of a player's league age please reference the Little League Age Calculator or expand the following chart:

4 years old (T-Ball Kidz) - $175
5-7 years old - $275
8-12 years old - $375
13 years old (50/70) - $300

All ages are based on a player's League Age. If you are unsure of a player's league age please reference the Little League Age Calculator.

We take the financial stewardship of the league for our community very seriously. For more information on how our league runs from a logistical and financial standpoint, as well as a general list of our league's basic cost please click here.

Have questions about COVID-19 and Little League? View our COVID-19 Page with our complete COVID-19 Plan and some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Needs Based Financial Assistance
In our efforts to grow America's Pastime and continue with our mission to never turn a child away, there is a solution for everyone.  For needs-based financial assistance please contact info.novatosouth@gmail.com. We have scholarships available so please don't hesitate to reach out.  All inquires are 100% confidential.