Welcome to the Novato South Little League’s T‐Ball League Season!

The following are general guidelines and rules to follow as you lead your teams this year.


TB-1:  Number of Innings and Time Limit 

  1. A complete game consists of 3 full innings or 1.5 hours
  2. Games may be extended to 4 innings if time permits and both managers agree. Either manager may call the game as complete at any time after 1.5 hours.  Games will not last beyond 2 hours.
  3. Managers are encouraged to keep the game moving and complete 3 innings whenever possible


TB-2:  General Rules

  1. There is no catcher position. Catching is performed by a coach on the hitting team.

The catching coach will also provide hitting instruction and load the tee. 

  1. Only the batter is in possession of a bat. This is for safety reasons.
  2. There are no outs in TeeBall. Each batter, regardless of the play made by fielders, will occupy 

first‐base (a single) following the play. All other base runners will progress by one base only.

  1. Every player will bat one time each inning. The last batter and players on base will run all bases.
  2. No score is to be kept, either formally or informally.
  3. All players will take the field every inning. All standard positions should be filled. Extra

players will be placed between the standard positions. 

  • Examples: Pitcher’s Helper, Infield Rover, Left Center, Right Center 
  1. Fielding positions are rotated every inning. The goal is to evenly distribute playing time at

each position among the players throughout the season. The same is true for batting order.


Hitting from the Tee vs. Pitching

  1. This is T‐Ball, the batting tee must be available for all players all season.
  2. All players will hit from a tee until at least the 5thgame. As of the 5th game, at manager’s discretion

per player, coach-pitch may be used.

  1. Managers and coaches must be reasonable when determining which players are ready 

for coach‐pitch. No more than 5 pitches will be thrown before switching to the Tee.


2019 T-Ball – Summary of Changes
1 - NSLL Board Decision – March 5 Hitting from Tee after 5 pitches (previously 10)


2020 T-Ball – Summary of Changes:
No Changes