The Minor “AA” division is for players aged 7 to 11 years of age that are drafted following tryouts. 11-year-olds must waive down to play at this level. This division is intended to be an introductory competitive division. Managers and Coaches should keep this in mind as they develop the skills of all players on their team. This is a partial kid, partial machine pitch division using a hard ball. Umpires call balls & strikes. Games are 6 innings but may be called due to time. Batting orders are continuous. Players and parents should expect 3 games and/or practices a week.


PR-1 Pre-Game and Post-Game Responsibilities

1. Responsible for preparing the field before the game. Field preparation guidelines are as follows before every game:
 open the snack shack
 remove the plugs and insert the bases
 rake and tamp the mound
 rake the infield
 rake the home plate area
 rake the base paths
 water down the infield dirt
 water down and tamp the batter’s boxes
 chalk the baselines and batter’s boxes
 raise the flag(s)
 set up Scoreboard and speaker (where applicable)
If the field is not ready 30 mins before game time, the visiting team will help the home team. The visiting team will be allowed to take infield 15 minutes before the game. The home team will forfeit infield time for any time needed to complete field preparations.

VISITING TEAM (When playing Interleague the NSLL team will fulfill both roles)
2. Is responsible for repairing the field after the game. Field repair guidelines are as follows:
After Every Game:
 rake the pitcher’s mound
rake the infield
rake the home plate area
rake the base paths
water down the infield dirt, pitcher’s mound and batter’s box areas
tamp the pitcher’s mound and batter’s boxes
After the Last Game of the Day:
remove the bases and insert the plugs
put away the bases and all rakes
take down, fold, and put away flag(s) at fields
Ensure the Snack Shack and Equipment Locker are locked
Pinheiro Field:
Last Game Each Day: Lock Bathrooms and ensure all trash is thrown away.

Last Game Thursday & Saturday: Empty trash cans into large garbage bins at the front of Lu Sutton school behind gate. Replace trash liners in all cans.

3. The home team will provide a scoreboard operator.

4. The visiting team provides a Book Official Scorekeeper, pickup/return at the snack shack.

5. Snack shack staffing will be scheduled separately by NSLL in conjunction with the Team Parents.

Pinheiro Field: No music. No boom boxes and No announcing on the PA is allowed.

6. Game time is the scheduled time or max 45 minutes after the end of the previous game.

7. Both teams will provide a volunteer to count and record pitch counts. Pitch counters will verify and agree upon the number of pitches thrown by each pitcher after each half inning. The visiting team pitch counter will also act as a game coordinator if needed. The, “if needed,” provision is
utilized when both umpires are legal minors. The game coordinator will act as a facilitator if there is a disagreement on rules, playing conditions, or any matter that holds up the progress of a game. If the game coordinator is unable to resolve the disputed issue, the game coordinator contacts the League Commissioner, VP of Baseball or President. Note: During inter-league the home pitch counter will act as game coordinator.

8. Each team will provide an Umpire Coordinator; these individuals will be able to step in and umpire a game
should there not be a league provided umpire attending the game.

9. Each team is responsible for cleaning up their side of the field, dugout and spectator area.

PR-2 Team Discipline

1. Managers must notify the League Commissioner and Player Agent before suspending a player, unless circumstances require an immediate suspension. In such cases, a written notice should be furnished to the League Commissioner and Player Agent as soon as possible.

2. There is no smoking or tobacco use on NUSD or City of Novato grounds at any time.

3. No food or beverages, except water and sport drinks, are permitted in the dugout. Sunflower seeds are permitted in the dugout, but not on the field.

4. Noisemakers (e.g., horns, cowbells, etc.) are not allowed.

PR-3 Time Limit

1. Regular Season: No new inning will start AFTER a game is 2:00 (two hours) old if the game is entirely Machine Pitch and 1:45 (one hour/45 minutes) if the final innings are Player Pitch:
Example: If the third out is made before the time limit expires, the next full inning is played in its entirety.
Tie: If the game is tied a final inning may start up to 2:15 (two hours/fifteen minutes) from the start. Any time after this will result in a tie.

2. Post Season: There will be no time limit during playoff game

PR-4 Communications with Umpires

Before, during, and after the game, ONLY the Managers of each team may communicate with the umpires regarding the conduct of the game rule book violations. Coaches may not address, question or make comments about umpire calls, EVER.
 All Calls made by Umpires on the field of play ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for review. This means that No Manager may ask an umpire to confer with his/her partner about ANY CALL.
 The Managers may however request the umpire address or clarify a regulation or policy (i.e., batting out of order, wearing jewelry, number of coaches in the dugout, etc.) found in the LL Rule Book or NSLL Local Rules, but never about a specific play on the field. Umpires will not review any rules that affect a call on the field of play.


PR-5 Continuous Batting Rule

1. A normal baseball defense with nine (9) players is used, but the entire roster hits.

2. The inning ends ONLY when three defensive outs have been recorded during the inning.

3. All eligible players will be included in the batting order, regardless of defensive assignment.

4. The batting order will not change, except due to illness, injury or having to leave the field.

5. If a batter or runner is injured, the player who made the last recorded out replaces him. If no out has been made in the game, the last player in the batting order replaces him/her. A replacement player returns to his/her original position in the order.

6. Teams are LIMITED to one bunt per inning.

7. There is NO Infield Fly Rule in Double A

8. Substitute Runners are not permitted as all players are considered starters (LL Rule Book)

PR-6 Substitutions

1. Defensive substitutions are allowed provided the player has completed at least one full inning of defensive play.

2. Starting and non-starting players may re-enter the game after being replaced.

3. If a pitcher is removed from a game, he/she cannot re-enter the same game as a pitcher but may re-enter the game at any other position.

PR-7 Minimum Play Rule

1. 2023 Games may begin with 8 players. The 9th place in the order is not an automatic out. Games may begin with 7 players if both managers agree.

2. No Player, present at the start of the game and listed in the lineup as either a starter or a replacement will remain out of the defensive line-up for more than one (1) consecutive inning.

3. Every player must play a minimum of 1 inning in the INFIELD and 1 inning in OUTFIELD (or BENCH if roster size does not permit) within the first 3 innings of the game.

4. A courtesy runner may be installed for the Pitcher or Catcher when there are 2 outs. The courtesy runner must be the player who made the last out.

Minimum Play Repercussions:
1. Any player not completing minimum play must start the next game on the schedule, play any previous minimum play requirements not fulfilled in the previous game and then complete all minimum play requirements for the current game before being replaced.

2. Under no circumstances shall the violation of minimum play regulations result in the forfeiture of a game

(Regulation IV-I Note 1).
3. For any violation of Minimum Play Regulations, the manager shall be penalized as follows:
i. First Offense – receive a written warning, unless offense was intentional, in which case the manager will be suspended for the next scheduled game.
ii. Second Offense – receive a suspension for the next scheduled game, unless offense was intentional, in 4. which case the manager will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
iii. Third Offense – receive a suspension for the remainder of the season, unless offense was intentional, in which case the manager will be subject to a permanent ban from the League.

PR-8 Pitching Rules

Machine Pitch: Each year NSLL Board will determine use of a Pitching Machine and Innings of use.

1. 2023 NSLL AA will use the “Blue Flame” Pitching Machine. Review will occur at the May NSLL Board Meeting.


Pitching Machine Setup and Run of Play:
1. The Pitching Machine will be set up by the home team and remain on the field during use.

2. The pitching machine should be set up on a flat sturdy section close to the mound

3. The pitch speed and strike zone setting must be agreed by both managers (NSLL suggests 3 X 3 X 3) before the game and acknowledged by the umpire. The umpire has the discretion to determine “no pitch” if the setting needs adjustment in game.

4. The game speed may not be changed during the game unless agreed by both managers and must be done at the end of a complete inning. In game changes are discouraged.

5. The hitter starts with a 0-0 count. Balls & Strikes will be called by the home plate umpire. There will be no walks.

6. A Coach or Manager from the hitting team administers pitches and should be mobile to avoid being struck.

7. If a Batted ball strikes the machine or coach it is a “Dead Ball – Base Hit (Single)”. Runners ADVANCE one (1) base.

8. If a Thrown ball strikes the machine or coach it is a “Dead Ball - Runners Advance” to the base they are “in progress”. The Umpire will determine if contact is made and whether runners were in progress.

9. Pitcher’s Helper must start behind the rubber (either directly behind or to one side and have at least one foot on the dirt). They may not move forward until the ball crosses the plate. If the player moves too soon, they will receive a warning. Subsequently it will be treated like catcher's interference.

10. Base running rules are unchanged while using the pitching machine.

11. Coaches may not pitch to batters when the machine is in use, and may not provide any base running instructions

Player Pitch Rules:

1. 2023 Pitch limits will be tiered. The NSLL board will review this schedule at the May NSLL Board Meeting.


2. Innings pitched must be continuous. The pitcher may not leave for a batter and re-enter.

3. The hitter starts with a 0-0 count. Balls & Strikes will be called by the home plate umpire. There will be no walks.
a. After 4 balls are called, the count goes back to 0-0 and the Hitting Team Coach (or one designated coach from either team) will pitch at an age-appropriate BP speed until:
i. the ball is put into play, or
ii. the Umpire calls 3 strikes (strikeout) just as a normal at-bat. There are still no walks and foul balls do NOT end the at-bat.


4. The Pitcher will be removed if three batters are HBP in a single inning of play. The home plate umpire may remove a pitcher that hits multiple batters within a game.

5. League Age 11-year-old players may not pitch in a AA game.

6. Curve Balls – Pitchers are not to be taught or use curve balls, sinkers or slider pitches. Umpires will call these pitches as “balls” and warn the manager that continued use will result in the removal of the pitcher and manager

PR-9 Leads, Stealing and Baserunning

1. Leads
Runners may NEVER lead from a base.

2. Steals
Runners may only leave the base once the pitched ball reaches the catcher’s glove.
Runners may NEVER steal home plate.
There are NO steals during Coach Pitch.
There are NO delayed steals on a throwback from Catcher to Pitcher.


3. Pass Ball/Wild Pitch:
Runners may only leave the base once the pitched ball reaches/passes the catcher’s glove.
Runners may NEVER advance during Coach Pitch.
Runners may NEVER advance to home on Pass Ball/Wild Pitch


4. Overthrows Defensive Play:


PR-10 10-Run Rule

1. NSLL games are played under the 10-run rule as defined in Rule 4.10-e of the Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules (The Blue Book).

2. The game will be considered final when the Umpire calls the game with one team leading by 10+ runs after 3½ or 4 innings have been played.
Note: Managers are encouraged to play the remaining 2 and ½ or 2 innings as a scrimmage. The spirit is to give minimum play players additional playing time. Managers should:
 Move players to the infield who usually only play in the outfield
Sit players who usually play all six innings
Have players pitch who usually do not have an opportunity to pitch in regulation games

3. Scrimmage innings must be according to the rules of Little League baseball and NSLL local rules

4. Pitch counts will COUNT

5. Playing time during the scrimmage portion of a game does NOT count toward fulfilling minimum play requirements (i.e., six outs and one at bat).

6. The scrimmage game – regulation innings + scrimmage innings - cannot exceed 2 hours.

7. Umpires will remain at the game until the scrimmage innings are completed.

PR-11 5 Run Limit Per Half Inning & Last Inning Exception

1. NSLL will follow the 5-run limit per half inning rule as defined in the Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules (Blue Book).

2. The 5-run per half inning limit will not apply during “Last Inning”. “Last inning” is determined by the umpire when estimating the next full inning will last longer than time remaining.

3. The 5-run per half inning limit will continue for the entire season including the NSLL playoffs.

PR-12 Pitch Count Reporting

1. Novato South Little League will follow the pitch count rules as written in the Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules. Each Manager MUST provide the required pitch count information IMMEDIATELY after each game (no later than midnight on game day).

2. The Pitch Count Tool is a web-based link (which should be bookmarked on your computer for easy access) that allows Managers to input the required information. The web address will be provided before Opening Day.
 Name of Pitcher
Number of pitches thrown by each
The next date each pitcher is eligible to pitch
Notes about the Umpires (optional)
General Game Notes (optional)

IT IS CRUCIAL you report pitch count data immediately following the game, as the Pitch Count Tool will generate
an overnight e-mail that is sent to all divisional Managers. If you do not report the data, the data will not align.

PR-13 Soft Toss

1. No hard balls may be hit into the fences at any field at any time. Wiffle balls are allowed.

PR-14 Pregame Batting Practice & Pitcher Warmups

1. No "hard ball" batting practice is allowed before games at any field used by NSLL

2. Managers or coaches ARE PERMITTED to warm up a pitcher at home plate or in the bullpen or elsewhere at any time including in-game warm-up, pre-game warm-up, and in other instances. They may also stand by to observe a pitcher during warm-up in the bullpen.