NSLL Code of Condcut


I hereby pledge to be responsible for my participation by following this Code of Conduct of Novato South Little League:

  • I agree to accept authority and supervision in a positive manner at all times.
  • I agree to accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing  Novato South Little League.
  • I agree to attend and participate in all scheduled games and practices when reasonably possible.
  • I agree to promptly follow directions as communicated by the coach, manager,     or umpire.
  • I agree to participate positively in all skill and knowledge exercises as assigned by the coach or manager.
  • I agree to communicate positively with my coach, teammates, opponents, and umpires.
  • I agree to treat fellow players, opponents, fans, umpires, and adults with dignity and respect.
  • I agree to refrain from foul language, taunting, and talking disrespectfully.
  • I agree to respect League officials and accept umpire decisions without gesture or argument.
  • I agree to exercise self-control at all times, setting a positive example for others to follow.
  • I agree to positively encourage teammates and refrain from being critical of their mistakes.
  • I agree to be aware of safety and will refrain from throwing a bat, ball, or equipment in anger.
  • I will remain on the bench with my teammates during games even if I’m not batting, fielding, or otherwise being instructed by my coach or manager.
  • I agree to refrain from overly aggressive or angry reactions to making an out or error.
  • I agree to win without boasting, lose without making excuses, and to never give up.
  • I agree to practice good sportsmanship at all times, playing hard, but within the rules of Little League.