The Minors “AAA” division is for players ages 8 to 12 years that are drafted following tryouts. 12-year olds must waive down to play at this level. This division is an instructional, competitive division. Games are 6 innings. Batting orders are continuous, and players will play a minimum of 3 innings (9 outs) in the field. Players and parents should expect 3/4 games and/or practices a week.



PR-1 Game Responsibilities

1. Home Team:
a. Provides a scoreboard operator, announcer and pitch counter.
b. Responsible for preparing the field before the game.
c. open the snack shack
d. remove the plugs and insert the bases
e. rake and tamp the mound
f. rake the infield, home plate area and base paths
g. water the infield dirt and batter’s boxes
h. chalk the baselines and batter’s boxes
i. raise the flag(s)
j. set up Scoreboard and speaker (where applicable)

If the field is not ready 30 minutes before game time, the visiting team will help. The visiting team will be allowed to take infield 15 minutes before the start of the game. The home team may forfeit their infield time.


2. Visiting Team:
a. Provides an Official Scorekeeper-paper book, pitch counter.
b. Responsible for repairing the field after the game. (NSLL will fill both roles if playing Interleague)

After Every Game:
a. rake the pitcher’s mound
b. drag the infield, home plate area, base paths
c. water infield dirt, pitcher’s mound and batter’s box areas
d. tamp down the pitcher’s mound and batter’s boxes

After the Last Game of the Day:
a. remove the bases and insert the plugs
b. put away the bases and all rakes
c. take down, fold, and put away flag(s)
d. Insure the Snack Shack, Bathrooms and Equipment Locker are locked
a. Pinheiro Field:
i. Last Game Each Day: Lock Bathrooms/pick up trash
ii. Last Game Thursday & Saturday: Empty trash cans into large garbage bins at the front of Lu Sutton school behind gate. Replace trash liners in all cans
iii. No music. No boom boxes and No announcing on the PA is allowed.

3. Game time: Scheduled time or up to 30 mins after the end of the previous game.

4. Snack shack is staffed separately by NSLL Snack Shack Coordinator in conjunction with Team Parents. Parents may be required to staff games their child is not playing in.

5. If both umpires are legal minors, the visiting team will provide a game coordinator. This person acts as a facilitator if there is a disagreement on rules, playing conditions, or matter holding up the progress of a game. If the game coordinator is unable to resolve the dispute, they contact the League Commissioner, League President or VP of Baseball. NSLL will fill this role if playing Interleague

6. Each team will provide an Umpire Coordinator; these individuals will be able to step in and umpire a game should there not be a league provided umpire attending the game.

7. Each team is responsible for cleaning up their dugout and spectator area, after the game.


PR-2 Team Discipline
1. Managers must notify the League Commissioner and Player Agent before suspending a player, unless circumstances require an immediate suspension. In such cases, a written notice should be furnished to the League Commissioner and Player Agent within 3 days.

2. There will be no smoking or tobacco use on NUSD or City of Novato grounds at any time.

3. No food or beverages, except water and sport drinks, are permitted in the dugout. Sunflower seeds are permitted in the dugout, but not on the field.

4. Noise-makers, horns, cowbells etc. will not be allowed at Novato South Little League games.


PR-3 Time Limit
1. Regular Season: No new inning will start AFTER a game is 2 hours old unless the score is tied.
-If the third out of an inning is made before the time limit has expired, the next full inning is played in its entirety.
-If the game is tied after completion of the last full inning started 2:30 hours from start, it will end in a tie.

2. Post Season: There will be no time limit during playoff games.


PR-4 Curve Balls
Pitchers will not be taught curve, sinker or slider pitches. Umpires will call all such pitches as “balls” and warn the manager that continued use will result in removal of manager and the pitcher.


PR-5 Continuous Batting Rule
1. A normal baseball defense with nine (9) players is used, but the entire roster hits.

2. The inning ends ONLY when three defensive outs have been recorded during the inning.

3. All eligible players will be included in the batting order, regardless of defensive assignment.

4. The batting order will not change during the game, except due to illness, injury or having to leave the field. If a runner is injured, the player who made the last recorded out replaces him. If no out has been made in the game, the last player in the batting order replaces him/her. The replacement player then returns to his/her original position in the order.

5. Substitute Runners (courtesy runners) are not permitted as all players are considered starters (Green Book)
6. A new and different order can be used each game.


PR-6 Substitutions
1. Open substitutions are allowed provided the player being replaced has completed at least one full inning of defensive play in the field.

2. A non-starting player may re-enter the game after being replaced.

3. If a pitcher is removed from a game, he/she cannot re-enter the same game as a pitcher but may re-enter the game at any other position.

PR-7 Minimum Play Rule
1. No Player, present at the start of the game and listed in the lineup as either a starter or a replacement will remain out of the defensive line-up for more than (2) consecutive innings.

2. Any player that does not play 3 defensive innings in a game due to substitutions or early completion must play in the 1st & 2nd innings of the next game, then resume above stated minimum play rule.

3. Under no circumstances shall the violation of minimum play regulations result in the forfeiture of a game (Regulation IV-I Note 1).

4. For any violation of Minimum Play Regulations, the manager shall be penalized as follows:
-For the First Offense – receive a written warning, unless offense was intentional, in which case the manager will be suspended for the next scheduled game.
-For the Second Offense – receive a suspension for the next scheduled game, unless offense was intentional, in which case the manager will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
-For the Third Offense – receive a suspension for the remainder of the season, unless offense was intentional, in which case the manager will be subject to a permanent ban from the League.

PR-8 Pitching Rules
1. League Age 12 year old players may not pitch in a AAA game.

2. NSLL will adhere to all pitch count rules as described the Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules (Green Book). Each season NSLL may enact stricter pitch count rules
a. 2020 NSLL will enforce Pitch Counts -10 from standard thru Apr10
b. Pitch Count -10 applies to NSLL games only

3. Early Season (2 Inning) Pitch Rule – Individual players will be limited to a 2 Innings Pitch Limit, in addition to Little League Green Book pitch count rules.
a. The 2 Inning Pitch Rule applies to NSLL games only (not inter league).
b. Each season the NSLL Board will determine when to lift the 2 Inning Pitch rule
c. 2020: The two inning pitch rule will be lifted April 10.

4. The Pitcher shall be removed if he/she hits three batters in a single inning of play. The home plate umpire may remove a pitcher that consistently hits batters with pitches.


PR-9 10-Run Rule
Novato South Little League Minor League games are played under the 10-run rule as defined in Rule 4.10-e of the Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules (The Green Book). The game will be considered final when the umpire calls the game after 3 and ½ or 4 innings, or 5 have been played. Managers are encouraged to play the remaining innings as scrimmage until the 2-hour time limit is reached. The spirit of this idea is to give minimum play players additional playing time. Managers should:

-Move players to the infield who usually only play in the outfield
-Sit players who usually play all six innings
-Have players pitch who usually do not have an opportunity to pitch in regulation games

This is a short list of ideas, but other Manager moves that build upon this same direction are encouraged. Other notes:

1. Scrimmage innings must be conducted according to the rules of Little League baseball and local rules established by Novato South Little League.

2. Pitch counts from these scrimmage innings will COUNT in pitch-count standings for the game. Playing time during the scrimmage portion of a game does NOT count toward fulfilling minimum play requirements

3. The scrimmage game – both regulation innings and scrimmage innings combined - cannot exceed 2 hours., consistent with PR-3 defined above.
4. Umpires will remain at the game until the scrimmage innings or time are complete.
5. These are scrimmage innings, and Managers and Coaches are expected to treat them as such and refrain from questioning umpires’ calls.


PR-10 5 Run Limit Per Half Inning
1. NSLL will follow the 5-run limit per half inning rule as stated in the Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules (Green Book). To be confirmed with Inter league partners

2. The 5-run per half inning limit will not apply during “Last Inning”. “Last inning” is determined by the umpire when estimating the next full inning will last longer than time remaining

3. There will be no per inning run limit in NSLL playoff or tournament games.


PR-11 Pitch Count Reporting
Novato South Little League will follow the pitch count rules as they are written in the Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules (green book). Each Manager shall report the following information via email to the other Minor League Managers and the Minor League Commissioner on the day each game is completed:
1. Names of all of their players who pitched in that game;

2. Number of pitches thrown by each one;

3. The next date that each pitcher is eligible to pitch


PR-12 Soft Toss
No hard balls may be hit into the fences at any field at any time. Wiffle balls are allowed.


PR-13 Practice & Pregame Batting Practice
No "hard ball" batting practice of any kind is allowed before games at any field used by Novato South Little League.


PR-14 Communications with Umpires
Before, during, and after the game, only the Managers of each team may communicate with the umpires regarding the conduct of the game or any umpire calls made during the game. Coaches may not question or make comments about umpire calls.

PR-10 Interleague Play

1. Each season the NSLL Board will determine whether NSLL AAA teams will play Interleague games against teams outside of NSLL.

1.1. 2020 NSLL will play 5 Interleague games against Novato North Little League

2. The scheduling and number of Interleague games will be determined each year in conjunction with the outside league.

3. Rules used in Interleague games will be determined annually – with the default and expectation yearly to be Green Book rules, except Continuous batting will be used.

3.1. 2019 AAA Interleague games with NNSL will use ‘Green Book’ rules, except Continuous Batting will be used.

Note - District 3 determines rules used for T.O.C. (2019: continuous batter)
Note - Little League International determines rules for All-Stars (2019: standard substitution)


2019 AAA – Summary of Changes:

1 - NSLL Board Approved – Apr2, 2019 PR-1.2&3: Update Visiting team responsibilities and add Pinheiro specific rules.

2 - NSLL Board Approved – Feb5, 2019 PR-7.1: Clarified- 3 inning play rule. No more than 2 consecutive innings on bench

3 - NSLL Board Approved – Feb5, 2019 PR-8.3: Clarified- Early Season 2 Inning Pitch Rules. Added- 2019 lift date April 15

4 - NSLL Board Approved – Feb5, 2019 PR-10: Added- Interleague Play section

2020 AAA – Summary of Proposed Changes:

1 - NSLL Board Approved - Feb4 PR-8.3: 2-Inning Pitch Rule and lift date - Fri April 10

2 - NSLL Board Approved - Feb4 PR-8.2: Bluebook Pitch count levels dropped by 10. Lift date Apr 10
3 - NSLL Board Approved - Feb4 PR10: Update for 2020 Interleague - NNLL 5 games

Lower 10 pitches until Apr10