We will continue to monitor and adjust these protocols as instructed by state and county health officials.
Updated 04/08/2021


The California Department of Public Health along with the Marin County Public Health Department have established guidelines for the safe reopening of youth sports in Marin County. Further, Marin County Public Health has shared best practices that include mandated steps to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Those steps include protocols on social distancing, handwashing, face covering, surface cleaning and disinfecting, and other precautionary practices.

The following guidelines have been created for the Novato South Little League 2021 spring baseball season. We will continue to monitor and implement the local, state, and federal recommendations as they are announced and make changes as necessary. We will stay in close communication and update you on any changes we are making to our protocols. We take pride in our organization and how it operates and would like to highlight the policies we have in place to help our athletes and coaches stay healthy and safe.


Our spring season will commence on 2/27/2021 and go through June 2021. Only 4 coaches are permitted per team throughout the season for practice and games for a total of a 16 person cohort (w/12 kids). Only rostered players can practice. No extra coaches, players, siblings or rotational players can practice or play games with a team that they are not rostered to play for.

We are counting on our families to abide by all of the recommended CDPH and Marin HHS cohort guidance, social-distancing protocols including watching with immediate household members only, maintaining physical distance, and wearing masks. This is needed for the safety of our coaches, athletes, the reputation of our organization and the health and wellness of our entire team. Any athlete/family that is found in violation of this policy may be removed from our program immediately.

Covid-19 Prevention Steps for Novato South Little league:


We require that each parent or guardian conduct an at home health screen to ensure their player is eligible to practice. If you player is showing any of the following symptoms, please do not bring your athlete to practice

  • coughing, sneezing, have a fever, stomach-ache, body aches, sore throat, chest congestion, diarrhea, vomiting, or any other illness.

Additionally, please do not bring your athlete to practice if a family member or someone they’ve been in close contact with is ill with any of the above symptoms


All coaches will be screened prior to each practice in accordance with the CDC guidelines. Any coach displaying any signs of illness or a fever over 99.6 will not be permitted.

Each child will be dropped off individually at the field entrance, and parents should avoid carpooling to such facilities. Activities will be conducted outdoors, where the risk of contracting COVID-19 is much lower.

It is required that athletes, coaches, and umpires wear a mask as they arrive and for the full practice and games. Parents and guardians should refrain from socializing with other families during drop off and pick up. If a parent or guardian or immediate family member/common household would like to remain at practice or games, we require that they wear a mask and socially distance from others not within their households.

The athletes will then place their gear bag by a cone/bucket. The cones/buckets will be set up by coaches in advance of arrival and will be a minimum of 6 feet apart.

We ask fans to refrain from sitting in the bleachers/stands at the fields and instead bring their own chairs to the game/practice and watch the game/practice from the outfield.


Every athlete must bring their gear, including a helmet, glove, baseball bat, their own name-labeled water bottle(s), and their own hand sanitizer. If assistance is required in attaining of these items, please contact a league official. We ask that our athletes keep their electronic devices put away the entire time they are present at practice for health and focus reasons. Athletes must keep their gear in their bucket / coned area unless they are utilizing it.


We will be using buckets, cones, and reminders to implement physical distancing to avoid contact. Athletes will not be permitted to hold hands, high five, or touch each other in any way. We will require that players remain at least 6ft apart while at practice.


We will require that all players, coaches and umpire wear masks during the entire duration of games and practices.


We are encouraging athletes to cough and sneeze into their shirt or arms, not in their hands. If your athlete has any symptoms of illness or allergies, we are asking them to stay home.


We require the athletes to bring their own hand sanitizer. We have backup hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes at each practice and game. Athletes will be reminded to use it frequently.

RESTROOMS: All athletes are encouraged to use the restroom before arriving at practice or games. If use of a restroom at the field or facility is required, they will be given a sanitizing wipe to open the door and will be reminded to not touch anything. When they finish using the restroom, they will need to use hand sanitizer to clean their hands.


Water fountains should not be used. Please make sure your athlete brings their own name-labeled container(s) of water.


All athletes will pack up their own gear and walk directly to their parked cars. All athletes and parents should continue to abide by social distancing and face covering guidelines after practice and games.


Any shared league provided catcher’s equipment will be sanitized and cleaned after each use.


We strongly encourage kids to eat prior to practice and games. Any snack consumption needs to be done while at their bucket or cone and socially distanced. Any foods that suggest the need to spit such as sunflower seeds and gum are prohibited.

REMINDERS: Drop Off & Pick Up your athlete(s) on time

  • Do not bring unnecessary items from home.
  • Do not break any formal quarantine/government restrictions.
  • Do teach your athlete how to properly wash their hands and encourage them to cough and sneeze into their arm not in their hand and to not touch other players or their coach.
  • Do alert us if your athlete does have COVID-19 and has been to practice within the last 14 days so we can contact their peers.


  • County of Marin Public Health is notified of all positive COVID-19 cases
  • If a coach or player is diagnosed with COVID-19, Marin County Public Health will provide assistance in the assessment of potential exposure and recommend testing, quarantine, or isolation instructions


  • Children, teens, and coaches with symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend practices or competition. They should consult their physician for testing and notify their coach, athletic trainer and/or school administrator of their symptoms.
  • Following the CDC guidelines, any person who needed to quarantine has been contacted and notified.
  • In addition, CDC guidelines (and league protocols) call for both a 10-day quarantine post positive test and no symptoms (or 10 days post positive with 24hrs no fever without fever reducing medication and other symptoms are improving) before they qualify for reentry into the league.  Additionally, the league requires that the player and/or coach receive a note from a medical doctor clearing them for return to play.  Only once all of these conditions are met, will the player and/or coach be readmitted back into the league.


  • Any player that travels out of state would need to quarantine for
    • WITH TEST - 7 days after you arrive home and have a negative test on/after day 5 (of return)
    • WITHOUT TEST - 10 days after you arrive home and have no symptoms
  • Any fully vaccinated manager or coach does not need to quarantine with fully vaccinated defined as
    • people are considered fully vaccinated for COVID-19 ≥2 weeks after they have received the second dose in a 2-dose series (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna), or ≥2 weeks after they have received a single-dose vaccine (Johnson and Johnson (J&J)/Janssen).
  • Any non-fully vaccinated manager or coach that travels out of state would need to quarantine for
    • WITH TEST - 7 days after you arrive home and have a negative test on/after day 5 (of return)
    • WITHOUT TEST - 10 days after you arrive home and have no symptoms



Q: How are practices run to ensure the safety of my child?
A: Our coaches have all gone through a COVID-19 protocols training and will strictly follow all guidelines and procedures setup by the county and the league. 

Q: Will the league be able to play games?
A: YES! This is very exciting for all of us as we have moved into the "Red Tier" we will be able to conduct games based on the health and safety guidelines setup by the state and county. 

Q: What happens if someone on a team, either coach or player, tests positive for COVID-19?
A: In our protocols we require the coach and league be alerted IMMEDIATELY. All team activities would be put on hold until safe to resume per Marin HHS guidance.

Q: Can I stay and watch my child’s practice?
A: YES? All spectators for both practices and games are required to socially distance from others that do not live in the same household.

Q: What equipment does my child need to bring to each practice?
A: Each player is required to have their own mask, water bottle, hat, baseball glove, bat, and helmet. We also highly recommend each player to have cleats, batting gloves, and any other personal equipment they wish to use. Due to Covid-19, the sharing of equipment is prohibited at this time.

Q: Can my child be on the same team as his buddy?
A: Juggling the many requests and preferences we receive becomes virtually impossible. We do our best to pair the groups up in a logical way, but cannot take requests or guarantee each individual players preference.

Q: Do the players and coaches have to wear masks?
A: Yes. All players and coaches are required to wear masks at all times.

Q: What is the refund policy?
A: As this remains a very fluid and uncertain time, we are sensitive to the financial reservations in committing to our league. If a player is never able to participate in practices or games, a 100% refund would be issued. NSLL will develop a % scale for any partial seasons which there are far too many scenarios to predict at this time. All returning players have been issued a $75 credit in the TeamSnap accounts to apply towards with season.

Q: Is the NSLL program approved by the Marin HHA and the state of CA?
A: Yes, the state of California Department of Public Health Guidelines authorizes the formation of “stable cohorts” regardless of “county tier status” and while under the “Regional Stay at Home Order”.  Safety protocols as outlined will be followed and strictly enforced.


California Outdoor and Indoor Youth and Recreational Adult Sports

California Updated Guidelines for Youth Sports